Thursdays Blog!


Buenos Tardes amigos!

Today is our last day in Guetamela. We will be very sad to leave this beatiful country and all the friends that we have made, but also very happy to come home and see our family and friends. Today we worked at Women’s Center. Here are the jobs that people contributed to; 1. Pound small rocks into smaller rocks (making gravel). 2. Moving dirt to level out the surface for making the playground level (people shoveled dirt and then other people moved the dirt in wheelbarrows). 3. Some people cut wire and other people bent the wire to make support beams. Then the rest of the people tied on the support beams onto the rebarb. After that we rode in a truck to get back to the parish and eat lunch. Then after lunch we had the rest of the day free to shop and get ready to go home. Next is dinner and the last night here. 😦

See You Soon!

Shea & Andrew


One Response to “Thursdays Blog!”

  1. Francie Domstrand Says:

    Shea and Andrew,
    You guys are great! You both worked hard and contributed so much to our group’s progress. Thanks for joining the First Church bunch on our journey.

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