Blog post for Wednesday, July 20


Hello blog friends!

This is Zach Dyar speaking.  Today we went to the farm/ garden and filled bags of dirt. In these small plastic bags, they will start coffee seedlings.  Then we came back and had lunch.  Next, we went back out to the farm and did ¨rebar ing¨.  (In other words, we made metal forms that will help hold together concrete buildings.)   It hasent rained in two days. Dos dias to la regresa.

Adios, amigos.


2 Responses to “Blog post for Wednesday, July 20”

  1. Kate Wyngaard-Niccum Says:

    Sounds like you are all very busy. What kind of lunches do you have? Good to hear that you are getting a respite from the rain. It is very, very hot here, so you chose a good week to be away from mpls.! Keep those blogs coming.

  2. Francie Domstrand Says:

    Imagine, only two more days and you are home. I am guessing you will have many stories to tell. The weather here has stable-ized a bit. No longer tropical humidity, but heat continues.

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