Blog for Tuesday, July 19


Hi!  ]This is Carl Dyar and Brigh Niccum reporting on today in Guatemala!  This was our second day of doing actual work for the Mission, but this was the first day that we worked all day on projects.  We spent the morning working on the new playground and soccer field at the Women’s Center, which involved a lot of breaking large rocks into smaller rocks with hammers and then moving muchos piedras (rocks) from one place to the next.  After an all-too-short break for lunch, we walked to the farm area, where we spent the afternoon cutting rebar with hacksaws and bending metal (with our hands, not our minds!) to make columns for construction.  We think that our group is finding sore muscles that we didn’t even know we had!

Today is a very special day, because so far, this is the only day that it hasn’t rained (yet!).  Usually, the afternoon is good for at least one or two storms that dump an inch or two of rain, but so far nada.  We have heard rumors of a tropical disturbance that might give us more rain in the next few days, but we are enjoying the sun while it lasts!

Tonight, we will probably take it easy after dinner and relax around the hotel until we have our nightly prayer and meditation at 8:00.  It gets dark so early here (it is pitch dark by 7:00) that there really isn’t a whole lot of time to stir things up around town in the evening.  ¡Que lastima!

We need to run to dinner now, but someone will be checking in tomorrow, so keep checking for posts!

¡Hasta mañana!


4 Responses to “Blog for Tuesday, July 19”

  1. Francie Domstrand Says:

    Did you get in any soccer time? What a ground groundbreaking job. 🙂

  2. Sarah T. Says:

    Thought of you all yesterday when it rained about 1 inch in 15 minutes here. It sounds like you are making hay while the sun shines (and having fun doing it!) Enjoy what’s left of your trip. Hasta luego!

  3. Linda Lincoln Says:

    I read that yesterday Minnesota was the hottest place on the planet. You guys are lucky to be there, rain or no. Love, love, love your pictures. Charlie, please work harder to bend that rebar with your mind — it sounds like everyone could use a break. Love, Mom

  4. Cynthia Hendricks Says:

    If Carl had a hammer……..

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